DVD of the Week - 7 Sins of Leadership

7 Sins of Leadership
By Pathman Senathirajah

7 Sins of Leadership

Network Marketing is a business that involves people. A good leader in network marketing is someone who works well with people. V Partner Pathman Senathirajah enlightens us with seven sins that every good leader should avoid. These seven sins of leadership are against moral and ethical principles of network marketing. Following these guidelines will make you a better networker and consequently will lead you in forming a great network.

The Seven Sins of Leadership

  1. Arrogance and Ego. Control your ego - You think you’re constantly right. You become arrogant. This arrogance make you forget what you were when you started.
  1. The Comfort Zone. Do not neglect and forget to help your downlines achieve their goals. Focus on helping the people around you. A leader never gets into a comfort zone.  Your people still need you. It is your duty to help them. Do not stop. Once you have achieved your goal, create a new goal, a bigger dream. Always aspire for something bigger.
  1. Fear. Avoid fear. As a leader, you cannot allow fear to conquer you.
  1. Dictatorship. Edification gets to most leaders’ head. They think that what they say is final.  When success and edification gets in your head, you become a dictator. Your people will support you out of love, not out of fear.
  1. Loneliness. The position of leadership is also a position of loneliness. You’re doing this to be happy. Do not forget that. Leadership can be very lonely. Avoid loneliness. What’s the use of having money but no one to share it with? Surround yourself with people who are important to you, especially the people you love.
  1. Leaders stop Caring. Because of past hurts, many leaders develop a heart of stone. Do not care for selfish reasons. Always care about the person next to you. A leader should always care. Care for your downlines equally. Our business is not about being cold. The bigger you get in network marketing, the more you should care. If you have a problem with your downline, resolve the issue. Go to them. Do not forget to care.
  1. Dishonesty to others and to yourself. Honesty brings about sincerity, which makes a good man. You must first have to be a good man. Do not treat people with disrespect. You cannot be a good leader if you are not a good man. People must remember you, not as a wealthy man but as a good man.

Be sincere to people around you and be honest with yourself. Before you change the world, change yourself. As you become a great leader, you become a good man. 


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